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Physicians...if you perform DIEP reconstruction, incorporate DIEP, routinely, into your breast reconstruction procedures... and would like your name and contact info added to this list, send an email with all information to admin (put the @ symbol here)diepbreastreconstruction (dot) org. You must have either a website or a link that you can provide to your place of practice that states you perform this procedure. This allows a potential patient to have access to your website or your place of practice, for informational purposes.

This page is a work in progress, as I will be adding docs as I learn about them and their locations. The listing of docs are in alphabetical order, by state/country. Being that there are so few Plastic Surgeons who perform this surgery, there is no listing of every state. I have tried to list docs from different areas of each corner of the country so that you may have a central idea as to how far you have to travel to reach them. Some of the links will only get you to the general site and give info about the fact that the facility does DIEP or GAP. From that point, you will have to locate the doc who actually does the procedure. I am providing the locations of the facilities/sites that perform the procedure. Some will include the docs who have private practices.


Dr. Alanna Rebecca (Mayo Clinic)

Dr. William J. Casey (Mayo Clinic)

Dr. Peter Kreymerman (Mayo Clinic)

Dr. L. Albert Andres

CALIFORNIA (Southern-Los Angeles/Torrence)

Michael R. Arnstein MD

James J Black MD

J. Brian Boyd MD

Jay W. Granzow MD, MPH

Dr. Leif Rogers (Beverly Hills)

Dr. Joan Lipa

Dr. Michael K. Newman

Dr. Lisa L. Jewell

CALIFORNIA (Northern-San Francisco)

Dr. Gabriel Kind

Dr. Karen Horton

Dr. Charles K. Lee


Dr. Edward Buchel

Dr. Alberto Aviles


Dr. Chris G. Williams

Dr. Jeremy Z. Williams


Dr. David Greenspun

Dr. Jeffrey C. Salomon

Dr. Stefano Fusi

Dr. Julie Vasile


Dr. Maurice Nahabedian (Georgetown University)


Mayo Clinic

University of F lorida (Shands Health Care-Gainesville)

Scroll to bottom of the their site's page and fill out form to send inquiry.

Dr. Armondo Soto (Celebration)

Dr. Gary Rosenbaum (Miami)

Dr. Jason J. Rosenberg (Gainesville)

Dr. Michel C. Samson (Cleveland Clinic Florida)

Dr. Martin I. Newman (Cleveland Clinic Florida)

Dr. Richard Klein and Dr. Kenneth R. Lee (MD Anderson - Orlando)

Dr. Ankit Desai (Jacksonville)


Dr. Robert Walton- University of Chicago

Dr. David Song- University of Chicago

Dr. Loren S. Schechter (Morton Grove)

Dr. Marga Massey


Dr. Scott Sullivan & Dr. Frank DellaCroce

Dr. Robert Allen & Dr. Joshua Levine

Dr. Matthew Wise & Dr. Hugo St. Hilaire (LSU)

Dr. Marga Massey


Dr. Adam Tobias & Dr. Bernard Lee


John Hopkins Breast Center (Baltimore)

Dr. Bernard Chang (Baltimore)



Mayo Clinic

Dr. John M. Houle


Dr. Samer Cabbabe


Dr. Matthew Kaufman


Dr. Alex Keller (Just outside of New York City)

Dr. Joshua Levine (Manhattan)

Dr. Randall S. Feingold

Dr. Ron Israeli

Dr. Peter Korn

Dr. David Greenspun

Dr. Julie Vasile

Dr. Christina Ahn

Dr. Mark L. Smith


Dr. Michael R. Zenn (Duke University Hospital)

Dr. Michael Robinson

Dr. Jean-Francois Lefaivre


Dr. Hooman Soltanian

Dr. Steven Bernard & Dr. Risal Djohan (Cleveland Clinic)


Dr. Anureet (Anu) Bajaj


Dr. Joseph Serletti- University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Vu T. Nguyen- University of Pittsburgh


Dr. James Craigie & Dr. Richard Kline (Mt. Pleasant)

Dr. Robert Allen, Dr. Joshua Levine & Dr. Marga Massey (Mt. Pleasant)

Dr. Seung-Jun (Sonny) O

Dr. Marga Massey

The Medical University of South Carolina


Dr. Jon P. Ver Halen


Dr. Aldona Spiegel (Houston)

Dr. Mark Shusterman (Houston)

Dr. Peter Ledoux (San Antonio)

Dr. Chet L Nastala (San Antonio)

Dr. Steven M. Pisano (San Antonio)

Dr. Minas T. Chrysopoulo (San Antonio)

Dr. Gary Arishita (San Antonio)

Dr. C. Bob Basu (The Woodlands, Cypress & Houston)

Dr. Sugene Kim (The Woodlands, Cypress & Houston)

Dr. Ned Snyder IV (Austin)

Dr. Leo Lapuerta Jr. (Houston)

Dr. Paul S. Gill (Houston)

Dr. Ricardo Meade (Dallas)


Dr. Rob Ferguson

Dr. Marga Massey


Dr. Adam Billet

Dr. Helen M. Guarda

Dr. J. Craig Merrell


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Dr. Frank Isik-The Polyclinic


Dr. Robert M. Whitfield

Dr. John B. Hijjawi

DISCLAIMER: This list of DIEP docs is not an endorsement of any kind. The doc's listings ares only for your convenience in locating them.

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